The Vyne


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The Vyne

This week’s Travel Tuesday takes us to The Vyne in Hampshire.  This estate was originally built by Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain, William Sandys.  The First Lord Sandys of the Vyne house was a Tudor mansion, and the Tudor chapel and glass still remains.  Most of the rest of the house has undergone change in the subsequent centuries.  The main building is in the School of Inigo Jones, and there is also an Eighteenth Century Palladian staircase.

When we visited The Vyne we found it to be a really well run and maintained National Trust property (It having been bequeathed to the trust in the 1950s). The grounds were lovely and well kept, and spring flowers highlighting the features on the house and outbuildings.

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There was a very long walk from the reception (ticket) office and the main house, and the shuttle facility for disabled people was out of service. The staff arranged for us to park nearer the house, and staff members were in place to open the requisite gates for us. This level of conscientious service was shown throughout the estate, with staff and volunteers showing a real concern for our welfare, and making our visit enjoyable.

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Tea Room

The tearoom is comfortable and the decor fitting for the property. The scones were a little dry, but otherwise the expected good quality associated with the National Trust.

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Overall, another wonderful National Trust visit.





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