Cucumber Pond

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Annie was not going to go to sleep.  She was adamant about that point.

“Annie, why won’t you settle?” her mother asked.

“Chloe said that there are Boogie Men under our beds, and if we sleep they will get us,”  the five-year-old responded.

Mommy peaked under the bed and said, “Honey, there isn’t anything under there except your slippers.”

“That’s ’cause they are imvisable till they get you.  Chloe said so,” the little girl retorted.

“Annie Nakamura,” Mommy said firmly.  “No such thing will happen.  Did you put the cucumber next to the pond this afternoon?”

“Yes Mommy, I always do,” Annie said conscientiously.

“And did the golden turtle come and eat it?”

“Yes,”  Annie said thoughtfully.

“Why do we put the cucumber next to the pond each day?”  Mommy prompted.

“So the Kappa-Yōkai will be friends with us,” the little girl replied.

“So Annie, if we are friends with the Water-Child, do you think the Kappa would let a Boogie Man even step foot in our garden, much less our home?”

“No,” the little girl said thoughtfully.  She then smiled and clicked off her bedside lamp.  “Goodnight Mommy.”




Sunday Writing Prompt “Boogie Man”


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