The Task

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“Let me impress upon you, Gentlemen, the magnitude of the task before us,” the general said to the gathered scientists. “The Ruskies have beat us to space with that damned Sputnik and now Gagarin.  The President has told me personally that we will be the first to the moon.”

“Zo vat exactly do you vant us to do, Herr General?”

“Good question, Mr. von Braun.  What we want you Naz . . . Gentlemen to do is make the finest rocket the world has ever seen.”

“How long do ve have?” Kurt Debus asked.

“1970,” the general said.

“Off to verk then,” Debus said.


Sammi Cox Challenge: “Impress”

2 thoughts on “The Task

  1. Like it.
    And am reminded of the words we used to sing to ‘Catch a Falling Star’, back in the day (I was not very old, but it sticks in the memory) *Catch a falling sputnik, put it in a matchbox, send it to the USA. *

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