Keeping Watch over ruin

Unknown Title and Artist

Twenty years is a long time.  It has been twenty years, however, since the people of Lyconia abandoned their city.  The onslaught had been ferocious, and the Lyconian army had made a terrific stand on the outskirts of the city in order to allow as many of the city’s people to escape northwards as possible.

When the last of the women and children, as well as the elderly had departed, a red flag had been raised over the keep and the last of the defenders fell back to that citadel to make their stand.  The siege was not a long one.  Within a month the last gates had been breached.  The Tilforians were brutal.  Any defender taken alive was hanged from a great gallows.  They died slowly, being left to strangle, as the victors laughed and mocked them in their death throes.  King Hanny was made to watch the death of his brave men before being the last to face the humiliating death at the hands of the Tilforians.

In exile in the friendly Kingdom of Rell, young Hanny the Second, barely seventeen at his kingdom’s fall began to build anew.  With the aid of the Rell, he was able to form a coalition.  Then twenty years on, he led an army of exiled Lyconians back across the border, and with him marched the warriors of Rell and Sysnic.

Near the ford at Fair Meadows the armies met, and after eight long hours of battle the coalition prevailed.  In a series of “mopping up” engagements the last of the Tilforians fled back to their homeland.

This evening, it was with muted jubilation that the army of Hanny II entered the desolate city of Lyconia.   The king rests tonight in the old halls of his father’s keep.  He is anxious, however.   His mind is burdened by the expectations of what they will discover when they begin to explore the city in the morning.




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