Shops: All in a Row

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Shops and Molly Malone – Dublin

What is it about retail outlets?  Do they have some sort of identity crisis?  I was reflecting on this when I was last at a shopping mall.

Have you ever noticed that Bakers in Cambridge sells Jewellery, while Joules sells clothing and shoes?   But they are not alone in this misnomer game.  “Boots” sells drugs and “Super Drug” seems to primarily sell cosmetics.

Okay, I have been a little facetious, but the point is there.


I wanted a wristwatch,

It was the point of the trip,

I wandered the concourse,

With a “Costa” to sip


I tried at the “Joules,”

None there was to be had,

So I tried the “Next” shop,

But its selection was sad.


I was confused and deflated,

Out of breath from wandering round,

So I sought “Information,”

Only “Clues” and “Quiz” could be found


I went to the car park

And then I drove home,

I ordered from “e bay,”

Never again to roam



2019 Photography Challenge: All in a Row


3 thoughts on “Shops: All in a Row

  1. “Boots” sells drugs and “Super Drug” seems to primarily sell cosmetics.” Ever so funny but unfortunately true. Thanks for sharing on “Promote yourself Monday or I may never have benefited from your clever prose. 🙂🌼

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