It was with quite a measure of frustration that the chairman called the extraordinary meeting of the London Adventurers Society to order.

“Gentlemen, I have called you here over a matter of grave concern.  News has arrived that the Explorers Society of London has begun preparations for an expedition to Patanyangu, the last uncharted location on Earth,” Sir Henry announced.

Murmurs of discontent echoed around the table.

“I propose that we mount our own expedition, forthwith, and prevent those blaggards from claiming that crown,” the chairman proclaimed.

This was swiftly seconded, and carried unanimously.

With record breaking speed the preparations were made.  Within a week the LAS expedition, led by Sir Henry, boarded a steam schooner and departed for the South Pacific.

It was a swift and incident free voyage and at last Sir Henry could observe the swaying palms of Patanyangu.  Charts were checked, navigational readings made, and appropriate entries made in the logs.

A small boat was launched and the team made their way ashore in a sheltered lagoon.  It was there that they were greeted by unexpected and terrible sight: a Danish flag.  Next to it flew the pennant of the Scandinavian League of Adventurers.

“Damn,” was all Sir Henry could say.

Meanwhile in the SLA’s exhibits room in Copenhagen several committee members were gathered around the piece of oval volcanic rock recently arrived from Patanyangu.

“Are you sure it’s writing?” Anders Olsen asked.

“Yes,” replied the man with the magnifying glass. “It’s Polynesian for ‘HERE FIRST!'”

[250 words]



50 Word Thursday #19

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