Miscellaneous Prompted Micro-Poetry 8


Go left for North or right for South –
Or turn back West from which you came –
Straight ahead to be “outstanding in your field”-
Or of course you can just at the crossroads remain

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Decisions #writephoto 17 May 19


Spire reaching skyward-
Faith to Direct –
Arms opened wide – Energies to collect

Three Line Tales, Week 172  16 May 2019

Greenish bristles upon a purple frame –
Minty paste soon to spread –
A pearly smile to bring – free of every stain

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Twenty 16 May 19


A Globe Warmed

Ceramic soil, cracked and split –
Long unaccustomed to the kiss of rain –
Crops lay ruined in fallen rows –
Like those on a battlefield slain

Nature, she can be so cruel –
Her wrath shall be our bane –
Is this the cost for all of us,
Because of a few’s economic gain?

Weekly Short Stories Contest and Company!: Draught 17 May 19






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