Journey Home

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Limann and Vale’s journey had taken them through the depths of a wilderness where only the faintest hints of a disused trail guided their way.  The two pilgrims had left the trees behind three days hence, and the path had widened to become a narrow dirt road, punctuated by the occasional slate grey paving stone.

“Brother we have journey far enough today,” Vale said.  “Let us stop here and worship, and then make camp.”

Limann led them in a simple devotional, and asked for divine guidance for the remainder of their journey.

The next morning, Vale led them in a thanksgiving prayer for the new day, and they then  proceeded towards their spiritual goal.

About noon, the paving on the road became more regular, and far easier to travel.

By three, the road began to climb upwards, and despite its ascent the pilgrims found the path easy.

They began to sing hymns of praise and thanks as they walked, and kept their eyes on the straight and narrow road before them.  So enraptured were they in their walking praise they did not notice the steepness of the path, as it led them Home.


Sunday Photo Fiction

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