Do You Remember That Night?

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image: Fortnum and Mason

Gerald Taylor was waiting to catch his connection.  With three hours to wait he made his way to one of the bars in Heathrow’s Terminal Five.

As he nursed his drink, he caught a glimpse of a man four seats away which was wearing the lapel pin of his own now defunct regiment.

As he stared at it, the man noticed his gaze, and then gave a sudden smile of recognition.  He stood up and approached Taylor.

“Gerry Taylor?” the man asked.  “It’s Tim Jones, from Weapons Platoon.”

“Wow, Corporal Jones.  What is it?  Thirty years?”  Taylor asked reflectively.

“Must be thirty-two,” Jones replied.  “Don’t you remember, we were all split up after Murphy went missing?”

“Ah right.  That was a really confusing time.  Did they ever work out what happened to him?”  Taylor asked.

“Everybody thought he deserted,” Jones said.  “But there was something just not right about that.”

“I heard he ran off with that Drinkie Girl.  But I saw her again a few days later.” Taylor said.

“It also don’t explain why they broke up the platoon,” Jones said, still nodding at Taylor’s discovery.

“That was weird,” Taylor agreed.  “Do you think it had to do anything with those lights Wilson said he saw?”

“I don’t know.  The Lieutenant said it has a helo or something, but I didn’t hear anything that sounded like one that night.”

Taylor nodded, “Nor me.  But I didn’t see the lights either.”

“Yeah, but Wilson was on watch, so would have been more alert. All I know is that Murphy, and the radio, was missing from the LP when Greene and I went to see why he missed a check in,” Jones said

“I never knew exactly who had gone up there,” Taylor said.

“Yeah, it was me.  But, the place was abandoned.  Murphy, his rifle, the radio, all gone.

“Do you think he just took off into the jungle?” Taylor asked.

“Why would he?” Jones asked.  “He had the girl from the bar to go back to, and he was so short he could jump off a dime.”

“Doesn’t make sense,” Taylor mused.

“Unless it really was a UFO, like Wilson said,” Jones suggested.

“Jones my friend, I think you need to slow down on the Duty-Free.”

Taylor never let on that he had actually seen the same dancing green lights that night, and never would.




Tale Weaver #226 – Reunion







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