The Act: A Cousins Tale

Bk 4 The Cousins Tales

Wai Yen de Klod, or Wayne as most everyone called him, stood before the full length mirror admiring his own physique.  He wore all black and a mask obscured the features of his face.  On his waist was a belt with special compartments for throwing stars, and a set of nunchaku hung from his waist.  A matched set of black hilted katana were strapped across his back.

“Are you all dress like a ninjab?”  Wilberta Small asked as she entered the room from behind him.

“Niqab is a garment some Ralulee women wear. Ninja, he stressed is a special kind of warrior from my mother’s country,” he retorted.

“So which are you?” she asked with a wink.

“Aunt Wil, you are not in the least bit funny!” he snapped trying to cover his embarrassment.

It had been twenty-five years since Wilberta and her “Sisters” had set off on an expedition to find a huge treasure trove.  Though the adventure had been successful, and set them up for a comfortable life, it did not make any of them extravagantly rich.

The Amazing Wil Small, had been a circus performer before the expedition, and while the show which she had been attached closed owing to some unfortunate circumstances, the skills she had acquired as an acrobat made her an important addition to the party.  On their return she had used her share to purchase the Little Guilds Playhouse in the Low Guilds district of the capital city, and re-establish it as The Temple a showplace for circuses and other entertainment.

It was there that Wil and her “nephew” waited for the monthly “Talent Extravaganza” to begin.  This would be the first time that Wayne would publically display his skills of agility and martial prowess.  He was nervous, but not nearly as much so as his aunt, who was not only be the ring-mistress for the event, but who had volunteered to be his assistant.

She was fairly comfortable with the idea of him chopping a melon off the top of her hear with a sword. But when it came to ringing her with lethal metal stars while he was blind-folded. . . . Well she really wondered what she had gotten herself into.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Wil,” he reassured her as he caught a glimpse of her distant musing.  “I’m not going to hold that Niqab comment against you.”

“Oh so very kind of you,” she said with a dry smile.

Just then there was a fanfare from the main auditorium.

Wil gave him, a quick hug donned her top hat and headed for the stage.

“See you soon, Wayne.  Just relax.”

Wayne’s was the third act, and apart from Wilberta being totally splattered with bits of melon, the performance went off without a hitch.

Maybe show business was in the de Klod line after all.




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