“The Club Made For You And Me”


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The Mickey Mouse Club really had no true agenda of its own, but rather grew out of a typographical error.  It seems that the original concept was to have an anti-Communist organisation centered around young people (the USA’s answer to the Soviet Young Pioneers).  Youngsters would be trained to thwart “The Red Menace” in the same way Rocky and Bullwinkle stopped the schemes of Boris and Natasha.   These young stalwarts of “truth, justice, and the American way,” would be members of the Mikey Moose Club.

Mikey for those who are unaware of it, was the younger, cleverer sibling of Bullwinkle.  Members of the club were to wear distinctive Antler headgear (which contained a broadcasting headset for the sending of intelligence back to CIA headquarters over the cleverly disguised aerials).

The theme song (which to many of you will be vaguely familiar) contained a series of important code words – the meanings of which the Official Secrets Act prevents me from divulging.    

“Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?


Mikey Moose, Mikey Moose,

Forever may you hold your antlers high!!”

There are rumors that a few prototype decoder rings are still in circulation, but most have been re-acquired by the authorities and are now held in a secure sub-basement in Area 51.  The last known sighting of one in private hands, was a momentary glimpse at an event near the Trump Tower on 15 June 2015, where it was seen on the right hand of a campaign organiser.

Unfortunately, The Micky Moose Club never materialised because of a misprint in the Langley briefing sheet to the executives at ABC.  The document’s release had already prompted several high profile press releases, and the subsequent production of promotional materials.  Rather than risk embarrassment for the Agency, intelligence officials rushed to court the assistance of Walt Disney, and the rest is history.



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