Allsopp Strikes Again

Fish, Aquarium, Sea, Fish Tank


This was going to be Allsopp’s Home Delivery Service’s biggest delivery day yet.  In fact, it was the first time that Mr. Allsopp had to hitch a trailer to the delivery van in order to accommodate a load.

As was his habit, he rang ahead to let Mrs. White know his time of arrival.  She seemed very excited by the delivery and said she would go right then and clear a space for it.

Mrs. Elizabeth White was lover of all things marine, and the very thought of her state of the art aquarium’s arrival filled her with joy.  Soon she would be enjoying a miniature coral reef in her own home, with all of the fabulous colours of the tropical fish to brighten her days.

Soon she could hear the beeping of the van as it reversed into her driveway.

She opened her front door, and her mouth fell open in shock as Mr. Allsopp asked where she wanted the tank.  There before her was a Bradley Fighting Vehicle being lowered into her drive.

Meanwhile, over at Fort Bloggs, General Augustus Carmichael was staring at a 1.5 by 2 metre fish tank that had been delivered to his Alpha Company.




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