Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 8

a turquoise car with fin tails

photo by Samuel Taylor via Unsplash

Please take me to a time of simpler things,
The ‘Good Old Days,” when cars had wings,
Of poodle skirts and “Friendship Rings.”

Three Line Tales, Week 175  6 June 2019

imageedit_5_9473823606 (1)

Midnight moon over –

Sleeping city dark and cold –

‘Til the coming dawn

Haunted Wordsmith Prompt: Haiku 7 June 19

photo by Alex Guillaume via Unsplash

As in days of yore –  bows do bend –
Today aimed towards bails of hay –
And not at armoured men.

Three Line Tales, Week 176  13 June 19


Here I stand, not moving left or right –
Not sure whether to stand or run –
To follow fight or flight.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Twenty-four   14 June 19

Image result for martini and olive

He was rattled and swirled
The world spinning and blurred
It’s not easy to be an olive
In a swizzled martini

Goodreads Prompt: Rattled 17 June 19






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