Olive Cheese Spread

imageedit_2_9644687023 (1).jpg

It’s Foodie Friday and time for a review or recipe.  And this week it is a recipe for a  summer sandwich filler.  It is great in wraps, a condiment, or as a dip as well.


  • Black Olives (pitted)  10
  • Green Olives (pitted) 10
  • Garlic 1 small clove
  • Dried Basil 1/4 tsp
  • Hard Cheese (Goat or Cheddar) 50 – 70 g
  • Mayonnaise 2 Tbs



Slice the olives into rings and place in a small mixing bowl.  Shred the cheese and add to the olives along with the basil.  Peel and finely dice (or grate) the garlic and add to the bowl.  Finally stir in the mayo until mixture is even.

In a wrap or sandwich serve with spinach leaf or really mix things up by placing hummus on one side and the olive cheese mix on the other with the leaf between.




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