Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 9


three line tales, week 177: a woman on a Paris street

photo by Les Anderson via Unsplash

They say for orange there is no rhyme
But she was dressed in yellow
So that’s just fine

Three Line Tales, Week 177  20 June 19

Summer’s costume
Bedecked in colour
Dressed in petaled bloom

TLT Throwback   21 June 19

Mount Horeb Lunch, Cafe, Lunch

image: Pixabay

When “sick” means it’s something you enjoy
And “bad” is a phrase of adulation
Something’s up in the English tongue
When it needs its own translation.

Inspired by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt 22 June 19

inflatable flamingo and unicorn on a white sand beach

Flamingo ring, boats by its side
Its Inflatable joy
Awaits the tide

Three Line Tales  27 June 19


Girl, Playing, Leaves, Autumn, Happy

image: Pixabay

Life was simple then;
So carefree,
There aren’t many worries,
When you’re only three

Weekend Writing Prompt #112 – Carefree  29 June 19




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