The Gesture


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The English couple settled at a table in the American diner.   The $2.99 combo seemed just the thing.  What was that? About £4.75 for the two of them. Not bad at all, Lauren mused.

The score was tied, as the soccer semi-final unfolded on the television screen.  Then Morgan scored, and USA was in the lead.  She went to the side-line and made a tea drinking gesture to the crowd.

The gesture stirred Lauren’s heart. “Ah, the food is great here and the prices are good,” Lauren observed.  “But I can’t wait to get back home for some real tea.”

(100 words)


Friday Fictioneers – Genre: Patriotic Fiction

I originally titled this “An Empty Gesture?” in reference to Morgan’s empty cup. But that smacked a little too confrontational to me so I have changed the title to merely “The Gesture.” By the way, American tea might as well be in an empty cup, give me Tetley’s over Lipton any day.

18 thoughts on “The Gesture

  1. Interesting that Lipton’s is now American.
    The company was founded by Glaswegian Thomas Lipton, and at one time had 200 stores. He owned his own tea garden in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with the express purpose of providing quality tea at affordable prices.
    Oh, an amusing tale!

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  2. 🙂 I prefer ‘non real tea’ then … I grew up being made to drink tea with sugar and milk in the morning (my parents had lived in London for a few years, well before I was born), and I can’t say I miss it … 😉

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    • I am a fan of Assam, English breakfast tea, Chai tea, and several herbal brews. I prefer Twinnings and Tetley over PG Tips (though I do like it too) and can if all else is unavailable get on with Lipton (I lived for years in the States). I really am a fan of all things tea-like. “If the Good Lord had not meant for man to drink tea, He would have never made leaves fall into stagnant ponds.”

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      • My favorites are rooibos (which isn’t really a tea) and peppermint. Ever try kombucha, a fermented tea? As to the leaves into stagnant ponds, manure tea is extremely healthy for plants 😉

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  3. I watched the game. As always, even though it was only a football match, there seemed to be some genuine needle between the two teams, apparently for Morgan, she’s still upset about British colonisation and the war of independence 200-odd years ago. That’s some grudge to hold (and I’m Scottish, so we are experts on holding grudges against England! 😉 )

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    • It just shows we each have our own “cup of tea.” My wife is a Twinnings drinker, as well as Tick Tock “Redbush.” I don’f mind most brands, though do thinl Lipton is better for Iced Tea than as a hot drink.

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      • Which is probably why many Americans drink their tea iced! 🙂 If your heat waves continue, we may convert the UK to iced tea drinkers. I do like Twinings Earl Grey. I have not tried Tick Tock “Redbush” although I have tried some other rooibos teas.

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