July Writing Projects Update

Bk 4 The Cousins Tales

The Locket and The Rosemen Tales are coming along, and I am now smoothing some continuity points. In addition, The Cousins Tales has been making demands on me to pen segments, even though it was envisioned to be the fourth book of the series. It may well end up racing ahead of the Dunes Wars prequel. While Wai Yen was originally intended to be the central character, the Elf twins, Arun and Uran are demanding sizable portions of the storyline, and Omar, a reluctant participant in the tale, is starting to tie sections of the plot together.

As The Locket nears completion, I am once again seeking cover advice from you all.  Please find three possible covers below please let me know your thoughts on each, and any preferences.


Thanks again for the support.



4 thoughts on “July Writing Projects Update

  1. Is there a way on the first one to make it just two sections and have the moon and symbol inserted between the title and the by… ? I like the smaller darker flames and the dark background for the moon and the symbol. Or maybe keep it 3 sections, with the moon at the top and the symbol between the title and the author?

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