Rewinding Time


Seven-year-old Jeffery sat impatiently as his dad watched the Five O’clock News.  He was waiting for it to finish so he could watch his programme.

As he sat, messing with a Rubik’s Cube he heard the politician say, “We need to continue to make progress.  We can’t return to the outdated polices of the past.  You can’t rewind time, no matter how appealing that might be to some on the Right.”

“Yes you can,” Jeffery said.

“Yes, you can – what – Jeffery?” Dad asked.

“Yes, you can ‘rewind time’,” the Year Two said.

“Sorry Mate, but it can’t be done,” his dad said trying not to dash the boy’s confidence.

“Okay,” Jeffery said, “Just think about it.  Dr. Who travels all over the place, and goes to the future and to the past.”

“That’s make believe,” his dad said, “and besides not everyone has a TARDIS.”

“And what about back in October Half Term?  We turned the clock back then, and everybody did it,” the boy said with arms crossed defiantly across his chest.

“I think you have me there, Mate,” Dad said.  “Let’s hope there is some more time rewinding, I could use the extra sleep.”



Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge : “rewinding time”

Note to North Americans Year two is approximately Second Grade.

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