Punland Challenge

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image: TripAdvisor

I have over the years (despite my general enjoyment of wordplay) come to cringe as I look at the business names on the High Street.   Here is a real sample:

Hair Dressers:

A Cut Above; The Mane Attraction; Look Ahead; Mane Event; Hair Today

Fish Shops:

The Cod Father; Small Fry; Friars’ Choice; My Plaice


Leaning Tower of Pizza

Chinese Takeaway:

Wok and Roll (with a stir fry and a spring roll on either side of the sign)

Coffee Places include:

Friends’ Central Perk; Higher Ground; Cuppa Diem

But now even gardeners and tree surgeons are getting into it.  Recently I have seen the following vans:

Trees Company;  Tree Fellas; Branch Out,

[and a fencing firm]: Ministry of De Fence

I am sure there are hundreds of others out there.  I would love to hear which ones you have come across, or if you have a great concept of your own which has yet to grace retail signage, let me know in the comments box below, or use them in a blog post of your own and link it here.



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