Where The Sidewalk Ends


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Terry and Carl were going for an adventure.  They were for the first time going to be allowed to go to the park without adult supervision.   The rules were clear though.  They were to stay together, and keep their phones turned on.  They were to stay on the pavement, and when the pavement ended on the north side of the street, they were to look both ways and then cross to where the sidewalk continued on the south side.   Where the sidewalk ends, they would find themselves directly opposite the park, so they were to cross back to the north and enter the park.

“Yeah, yeah,” Terry said to Mum. After all it was only seven or eight streets away, he thought.

“Okay,” Carl piped in afraid that Mum would change her mind, if he didn’t seem to be listening.

The two set off and came to the end of the north pavement.  The houses ended on this side of the street as well.  There was a dirt path worn into the verge, however, where others had continued onwards rather than doing the double crossing that the sidewalk dictated.  The path ran along the road side for about a block, then veered through an orchard before entering the park through a hole in the fence that someone had made.

Carl was just getting ready to cross the street when Terry said, “Don’t be a baby.”

“What do you mean?” he asked his step-brother.

“I mean, it’s shorter to go straight, and that you don’t always have to do everything your mum says.”

“She’s your mum too,” Carl challenged.

“Step Mum, and my real mum would let me do it.”  Terry then started down the dirt path.  Hesitantly Carl followed.

As the path curved inwards towards the apple trees, it seemed to get longer and longer before them.

“I don’t like this,” Carl said. “Let’s go back.”

“You go if you want, baby,” Terry said scornfully.

Carl reluctantly continued on.

After what seemed to be hours, the pair saw a fence before them.  It was not the chain-link one that they remembered seeing from within the park, however.  This one was made of wooden panels, and a gate was at the centre of the path.

Terry marched up to it and lifted the latch, and the step brothers looked with amazement at what stood beyond.  It was not the small municipal park with its swing sets and slide, but a flowering meadow, with hills and waterfalls in the distance.

Carl quickly turned around to leave, but when he did the path was gone, and only a dark scary forest was behind them.

The two boys entered through the gate . . . .




(452 words, 22 Minutes)

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Where the Sidewalk Ends

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