The Bullies: A Cousins Tale (excerpt)

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One day as Antony Sweep and his friend Tom Carter were taunting the fourteen-year-old Wai Yen, his father Seymour de Klod, hero of the Dunes Wars happened to be passing through the marketplace, and overheard them.

“Look, it’s Wayne the grandson of the mighty One-Fun-Duck,” the Carter boy taunted.

“Please don’t slay us,” Antony said falling to his knees as if making supplication.

Just then the huge warrior planted his feet firmly in front of the prostrated lad.

“That’s right, Son,” the hero said in a deep booming voice. “These lads haven’t done anything to deserve harm at your hands.”

Antony looked up and gazed at the huge battle-scarred arms of the warrior, and then up into his cold eyes which showed no sign of sarcasm.

Carter had fallen silent, and Sweep gulped dryly at the man’s words.

“Wayne, you head home and help your mother in the kitchen.”

Wai Yen turned and headed home without a word.

“Do you know who I am, Lad?” Seymour asked Sweep.

“You – you’re Seymour de Klod,” the boy squeaked.

“That’s right, the owner of the Two Axes, Seymour said with no sign of arrogance.

“Now do you think, that I would marry a woman that wasn’t special?” Seymour asked.

Both boys croaked replies to the negative.

“And do you think that the son of such a woman, would be any less special?”

“No Sir,” they both whimpered thoughtfully.

“That’s right,” Seymour said.  “All of her family are amazing.  Now you get along,” he urged.

Both boys sprinted from the market place.

She is amazing, Seymour mused, the best washer-woman in the entire city, if you ask me.


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