To Sell One’s Soul


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image: The Mirror


Selling a soul is a thing to see,

It’s not done in a lab-rat-ry,

But in online Vlogs and Reality TV,

For few brief moments of cash and “fame,”

You embarrass yourself,

And bring your family shame;

You bathe in slime, or sing out of key,

Do crazy stunts, or publicly pee,

All for endorsements – their granters fickle,

And your dreams of wealth are oft

Just a trickle.



The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

4 thoughts on “To Sell One’s Soul

  1. I gotta admit that’s pretty terrible. I remember back to the movie, Running Man, where there was a spoof game show called, “Climbing for Dollars” where the contestant had to climb up something to reach money, while below were vicious dogs. Reality TV has made that spoof come to life. :::smh:::

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