The Cafe


copyright: Padre’s Ramblings

Daphne and her bff Tina were just finishing a day’s window shopping.  There was still a hour and a half until their train was due, so Tina suggested that they try the new coffee shop everyone was talking about.


They arrived, at the swanky marble walled café, and were told it would be about five or ten minutes for a table.
“No problem,” Tina said.


The two stood, chatting about nothing in particular, when the “Greeter,” came to them and lead them to a small brass inlaid table.


“Gretchen will be with you in a moment,” the woman said and handed them menus.


When Daphne saw the prices she almost choked.


“Tina, this place is ridiculous.  Six quid for a coffee, and another four for a slice of cake.”


“Where’s you sense of adventure?” Tina asked. “And besides, you only live once.”


“Hi, I’m Gretchen and I will be your server to today,” a voice interrupted.


The tall blonde waitress stood smiling next to their table with a notepad in hand.”


“Are you ready to order?”  Gretchen asked.


“Yes, I will have the ‘The Medium Roast Blue Mountain with the Madagascar Vanilla Blend,” Tina said, “and a slice of Victoria Sponge.”


“Very good,” Gretchen said, “And you Madame?”


Daphne paused for a moment and said, “Can I have the – the ‘Esperanza’ please, and a fruit scone and cream?”


“Of course you can,” Gretchen said.


When their order arrived the pair chatted and sipped their coffees.


“You know,” Daphne said, “This is actually the most wonderful coffee I have ever tasted.  It’s worth six pounds.”


Just then Gretchen arrived.


“How is everything, Ladies?” she asked.


“Fabulous,” Daphne said, “Tell me, how could I get some of this blend to make at home?”


“Well it’s not that easy, and the beans are really expensive,” Gretchen explained.  “You see your particular beans are grown only in Indonesia, and are harvested by locals at the foot of the rain forest from the intact beans that have been passed through the digestive system of Green Monkeys.”


Daphne felt her Esperanza rising.




(345 words, 25 minutes)

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Esperanza Rising



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