The Power to Control Worlds

Alchemy, Wizards, Magic, Witchcraft


The aged master sat before his three most adept pupils.

“It is time for me to pass on to you the most powerful of all skills,” he croaked.

The trio sat with their faces fixed upon the sage.  Their eyes were filled with both wonder and apprehension.

He held up a slender wooden rod, and nodding towards it said, “With this you will be able to weave magic, control people’s destinies, and even create worlds.”

The three adepts now stared wide-eyed at the short implement.  Who would have thought that such an innocuous looking cylinder would harness such power?

“Now,” the master said, “let us begin.  Pick up your wands and hold them like this.”

The three kindergartners reached down and took up their pencils just like Mr. Baker had shown them.

“We will start with ‘A’,” he said.


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