The Joker: A Cousin’s Tale


Dwarf, Imp, Garden Gnome, Historically, Figure, Ceramic


The second day of travel was much as the first.  The long road eastwards took them through what seemed endless fields and small hamlets, and there was really no chance of a change of scenery until after they left the Farmington District.


Luke Weaver sat at the reins of the wagon taking in the sea of ploughed fields and wondered how anyone could spend their lives as farmers.  It was unthinkable to have to work outside in all weather conditions, and to do backbreaking work just for what? – grass.  As he saw it wheat and barley were grass, and didn’t grass just grow itself?


He shook himself from his musings and decided to liven up the journey a bit.  As Arun came alongside the wagon he called out in a loud conversational voice.  “A Dwarf walks into a tavern and orders a flagon of ale.  He guzzles it down, the liquor running down his long shaggy beard.  He wipes his beard with his shirt sleeve and orders a second.   He gulps this one down as well and lets out a satisfied sigh.  He then slaps a small silver coin down on the bar.  The barman picks up the coin and says. ‘I think you’re a little short’.”


After a moment’s consideration a small smile crossed Arun’s lips.  Uran who had overheard the tale, gave her brother a stern look, and his expression became more serious.  At the same time, Gwen looked disapprovingly at her boyfriend.


Rather than taking the hint, Luke began a second tale in a much louder voice – “A Green-landian, a Nord, and a Far-lander find a lamp which contains a Genie. . .”


He was cut short by a punch from Gwen, and only then did he see the hostile expressions on Wai Yen and Omar’s faces as they looked back at him.


“Doesn’t anyone around her have a sense of humour?” Luke challenged.  He then gave a huff and shook the reins to speed up the team.  “You lot are unbelievable,” he said under his breath. “I can’t see why everybody is so touchy.”


I think it’s  you that’s a bit touched, Andrea mused.



FOWC with Fandango — Touch

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