The Stroke

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 His car suffered a severe stroke in the middle of the road, and refused to move forward.  This was unlike any illness or ailment “Pierre” had ever suffered before.  Oh, there had been the mishaps.  There was that punctured tyre near Brighton, but that was a mere sprained ankle.  Then a year later near Sudbury there was the first signs of circulatory disease when the fuel pump clogged.  But this was different.

It started simply.  A warning light for the battery came on.  It then went off and a few more miles were travelled.  Then it came on again, and as did the indicator that the Anti-skid Break system had a fault.  Not worrying he drove on, then the Power Steering light, followed almost immediately by the blacking out of the GPS screen, and radio.  Pierre sputtered, slowed, then lurched forward again and stopped.  The steering wheel would not turn, and the electronic break engaged and would not unlock, even when the Royal Auto Club repairmen arrived.   Even he struggled even to hook Pierre to the recovery vehicle.

“That’s wrong?” the driver asked.

“The computer system has totally failed,” the mechanic said.  “It’s really rare, but comes from too much dependence of a computer and not enough for mechanical systems.  It’s why I won’t ever drive a Citroën.”

Yes, Pierre had had a stroke.



Story based on true personal experience.


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