The Appointment

Full Moon, Waxing, Setting, Mountains



“When – what?” Audrey asked.

“When, do we look?” Amy responded.

“You are really confusing me,” Audrey replied.

“Okay, one step at a time,” Amy said.  “You said, ‘We should climb and explore where the mountain meets the moon’.”

“Yeah – and.”

“Okay, I know that you know that the mountain and the moon don’t literally meet, but they appear to touch sometimes,” Amy said.

“All the time, at least every day,” Audrey challenged.

“No not every day.  Some days are New Moons and you can’t see the moon, some summer nights the moon is already really high in the sky before it gets dark, and for a couple of months a year the moon rises a little to the right of the mountain and clears it without touching,” Amy said slowly so her cousin could follow her.

“All I wanted to do was climb up see the place where they meet – most of the time.”

“Even that varies slightly with the season,” Amy said.

Audrey pointed to a spot on the peak overlooking the farm and said, “There.”

Amy looked at the spot for a moment, deep in thought.  She then got out her tablet and fiddled with it briefly without speaking.  “Okay,” she finally said.  “If my calculations are correct we will climb the mountain at about 7:43 PM on the Third of November.”

“You know sometimes I hate having a professor for a cousin.”


Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

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