The Recital


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Lizy-Ann didn’t have the money that the other children did;  her mom barely scrapping together a living as a hotel maid.  In fact, she only was able to afford the dance classes because Mrs. Taylor appreciated Lizy’s drive and hard work, so gave her a huge discount.

As the big recital approached, Tina’s “executive” parents bought Tina a professionally crafted cat costume.  Several other children had commercially produced cat ears, or feline onesies.   Even the simplest of these were beyond Lizy’s mom’s meagre budget.  Her mom did, however, stay up late into the night, lovingly crafting a costume from an old brown pillow case and old socks.

On the night of the performance, Tina and a band of the other “popular girls,” were clustered giving Lizy dismissive or mocking stares.  Right before Tina could deliver a cutting remark, Mrs. Taylor approached, and said sweetly, “What a lovely costume, Lizy.  I especially like the hand made tail.  It is the best one here.”

Lizy smiled and without as much as a sideways glance, she strode out onto the stage to begin her starring role.


(183 Words, Twenty Minutes)

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Handmaid’s Tale



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