The Curious Visitor




It had been a great day fishing in the nearby river, and an even better evening telling stories by the campfire.  Granddad Gary (3) had shown the kids how to use canoes, and as the sun set the entire family was in high spirits.

Just as the last red glow of the sun was sinking beneath the horizon, a bull moose (1) entered the camp, curious as to what was going on there.  This was no Bullwinkle (2) but a massive wild creature with huge outstretched antlers.

Gary rose to try to shoo the animal from the camp.  At first the moose took no notice of him.  As Gary picked up a large piece of firewood to use as a club, Sue called out: “Don’t you dare hurt that animal.”

She then stepped forward and stroked the beast’s nose, and at her touch it settled onto its knees, and fell into a doze.

“There then,” Sue said. “That should settle him, all you need with moose is to show a little kindness (5).”

Sue then climbed into the tent and brought out the solar LED lanterns (4), and hung them on the moose’s antlers.  “Well, that’s much better,” she said.

“Well I am just glad it wasn’t another bear or big-foot, like on our last canoe trip,” Gary said.   The family then settled in for the night.


Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5”

1. A woodland creature to play a pivotal role in your creation
2. A cartoon from your childhood
3. A relative or close friend to participate in an adventure of some description
4. An essential piece of camping equipment
5. A personality trait to highlight and elucidate




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