The Dog Fight




The non-aggression pact with the Lupines had always been a sham, but the Ovinian Duchy still had high hopes.

The Ovines were distressed to see the Lupines annex East Canineia in the name of “Blood Unity,” and they did their best to prepare their meagre forces for the worst.   One of the newest innovations in the Duchy’s defenses was the air wing.   These brave sheep were no match in either speed or killing power with the Lupines, but they had heart, and the desire to defend the “the Flock” as they called their homeland.

Then it happened, on September the First, waves of “the Pack” crossed the frontier in a coordinated blitz by land and in the air.  The “Air Wolves” were formidable and the sheer numbers of them seemed daunting.  But Ramski’s “Flying Fleeces” were not just going to capitulate.

Flight Officer Eweski is a case in point.  He climbed high into the sun, and as a large formation of the “Pack” broke through the clouds, he dived and through sheer determination took out three of the predictors before disappearing into a cloud bank.  He then waiting his chance and attacked again, but with his resources exhausted he made his final assault.  He seeing a “Lone Wolf” hunter, rushed forward from the clouds and rammed the Lupine ace.  Eweski had severely damaged himself in the attack but in a supreme display of aviation managed the spiral downwards into a controlled landing.

Ramski, Eweski, and others of the valiant “Fleeces,” subsequently made their way to the island stronghold of the Bulldogs, where they later proved themselves again in that nations “finest hour.”


Photo Challenge #275


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