Silent Sunday

Notre Dame, Paris, France, Notre-Dame

image: Pixabay

The bishop was concerned.  How could such a thing happen, especially at Notre Dame?

The evening before all had been well, but as the day dawned, all of the bell ropes were missing.   A prank?  Sabotage?  Whatever the case something had to be done.  Services were less than an hour off, and their was no way to call the faithful to worship.

The bishop called up into the balconies and Quasimodo stuck his gruesome face from behind a pillar.

“Yes,  Your Excellency,” the man replied.

“Quasimodo, my good fellow, the bell ropes are missing.  I desperately need your help.”

“What do I need to do?” the hunchbacked man replied.

“Please climb up to the tower and give the bell a jar.”




Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Bell Jar


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