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It was a cynical ploy on the part of the Government.  With falling popularity of its policies and opposition rising, especially among the young, the Security Services put Operation Backing Track into action.  Black budgets were drained, and preparations made.

Concerts with a select few “popular” acts were then staged at grossly discounted rates at venues in and around university campuses.  The trained operatives in the sound and projection booths then manipulated subliminal images on the back screen and introduced mind altering sonics beneath the music.  The end result was the production of a new generation of ultra-nationalistic extremist clones.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 133

3 thoughts on “Stagecraft/Statecraft

  1. Cautionary tale indeed. What once seemed like far flung thoughts of fear are proving to be more real than ever. I often wonder: are we at the convergence of sci-fi and reality? Has there ever been a line or has there always been a blur? Thank you for joining us this week! Feel free to go back and join us for any of our 100 Word Wednesdays – I’m working on my website and will be updating all the Wrap-Ups in the coming weeks 🖤

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