Document, Agreement, Documents, Sign

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 

I really couldn’t see what the issue was.  However, our lawyer said that our will might be contested unless we made some modifications.  It seems that even though we mentioned all of the children, and even some of the ungrateful in-laws in our last testament, there might be reason for some to be against our will.

Personally I liked what we had written.  Each aspect seemed to fit the personality of the proposed recipient.   Take our granddaughter, Lilly for instance.  She would spend long summers staying over at ours, and lounge about sun-bathing in the garden.   She really seemed to enjoy it, yet she never lifted a finger to help with the gardening, much less even carry her own used dishes back into the house.  So what would be more natural than to leave her all of the weeds in our will?

David, our son-in-law, made no secret that he coveted our china.  Such was his obsession with china, that I made it a point of collecting over forty take-away menus from various oriental restaurants to leave to him.  Well, it might give him some insights into Chinese tableware.

As for the house, and adjoining properties, I trust that the local animal rescue charity can make good use of them.


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