Photo courtesy of Artur Malishkevych

It had started out as the ideal vacation.  For a package deal, it was amazing.  The food was good, the hotel luxurious, and the tropical location breathtaking.

Marvin’s sense of humor had long made Marge cringe at times, and she had grown to ignore some of his more right-wing and xenophobic views.  But she wasn’t prepared for the consequences of the two factors coming together while on the sightseeing excursion to the outer islands.

“Marvin, did you really have to tell the joke about the Jamaican, the Englishman and the China-man?”

“But it was funny,” he said defensively.

“Yeah? As funny as the one about the Englishman that tells a rude joke in front of his Jamaican tour guide and a boat-load of Chinese tourists?”

(130 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction – Aug 25 2019

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