Roadside Wonder

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Living in East Anglia surrounded by fenland, and slow moving watercourses making their final approaches to the sea, we do not have many occasions when we can see the power of falling water.

Our youngest attended university in Lampeter in Wales, and our several journeys at the beginning or end of term-time however gave us ample opportunity to witness waterfalls.  Some of these natural water features are small with their plunging waters dancing and splashing upon the exposed rock, while other are mighty churning affairs that thunder and roar as the white foam and spray highlight their power.

In the face of these, and fr a great excuse to break up a long drive, we would find a nearby viewing place and enjoy the spectacle.

Cascading Waters
Nature’s Power Manifest
Mighty Pool-wards Plunge


Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 28th 2019, waterfall

One thought on “Roadside Wonder

  1. Indeed, we’re not renowned for waterfalls. Though in all my travels, across all my days I have found one. Though whether it’s still there. It was cascading from the cliffs at Beeston. from Beeston Hill. But, it might have been a momentary phenomenon. This summer, a visit to Sheringham, yielded me photos of water seeping and dribbling from nearby Sheringham cliffs (beneath the links). Not quite a fully-fledged waterfall though.

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