The Bruiser

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger 

The Carter family was having a great reunion.  It had been five years since their last and everyone was in high spirits.

As they approached the picnic pavilion they had booked at the park, it became obvious that it had been occupied by a pack of rowdy youths, who were punching one another and throwing beer cans about.

“Big John” Carter approached the adolescents and explained that the family had paid for the space.

He returned to say he had been told to “‘F’ off.”

“Stay behind me everybody.  I’ve got this.” Granny Jean said.

(99 words)


Friday Fictioneers

9 thoughts on “The Bruiser

  1. Oh, no, not Granny JEAN! ARRGGHHH! Run for your lives! She’s got the mighty reach of the cane to her advantage. Run, I tell ya, RUN!
    Great story! Couldn’t resist the humor… 🙂 ~Bear

    Liked by 1 person

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