The Lunch Box

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Image by groovy_giggle_girl from Pixabay

Dillon was quite proud of his Ninja Turtle lunch box, and while it may have seemed a bit retro to some of his classmates, it served him well.  You see retro was kind of Dillon’s thing.  He didn’t like change.  So using his dad’s old lunch box gave him a sense of security.

For the month of September, he was happy with the predictability of what Raphael, and Donatello would provide him: one ham sandwich on white white bread (crusts removed), a Babybel cheese snack, an apple and cinnamon granola bar, and a seedless navel orange.  Every day, he would return home, with his box empty and his belly content.

Then it happened, on October third he came home ill-tempered.  Mum noticed that there was also some weight and a dull thump in his Turtles-box.  On examination, she found the box empty say for a tangerine.

“Dillon, Honey,” why didn’t you eat your fruit?” she asked.

“Because it wasn’t right,” he replied.

“Not right?” she asked.

“It’s not an orange,” he observed.

“Sorry Baby, but oranges are not the only fruit,” she said in an attempt to win him over.

“Well they should be,” he insisted.



Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit – Jeanette Winterson

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