The Origami Incident

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Louie was just trying to break the boredom.  He hated babysitting the boss’ little sister.  Why couldn’t he get one of the important jobs like Lefty and Bruno got.  But no – he had to entertain the kid.

It might have been because he didn’t exactly fit the “gangster” mold.  He was gawky and nearly six foot – six.  His suit always seemed a little too short for him, and he had a baby face.  No he was no tough guy, but he was starting to see a trend in the way the other members of the gang made fun of him behind his back.  “The Nanny,” that’s what they called him – Louie DeCampo the au pair.

Margaretta seemed to enjoy his company though, and for a fourteen-year-old she wasn’t a bad kid.  It was just that the “body guarding” as the boss called it was so mind numbing sometimes.

The boss’ sister was equally frustrated with his omphaloskepsis.  She wanted some fun, and this hotel room offered nothing that appealed to her.

“I’m bored,” Margaretta said.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Louie challenged.

“Anything, just give me a little excitement,” she retorted.

Louie pulled a sheet of hotel stationery from the desk and folded it into a paper airplane, and threw it at the teenager.

She squealed and knocked it aside with a cushion, and it flew out the window.

“Do it again,” she said.

He folded another piece, and it again was deflected out the window.  In all she was able to block or destroy six of the projectiles.

“Another,” she demanded.

“But we are out of paper,” Louie explained.

Then go get some of them back, she said nodding towards the fire escape.

Louie was actually enjoying the sport, so stepped out of the window to collect the fallen planes.

As he descended he came face to face with Hairlip McGuirk from the Irish mob.  He stood there with a paper airplane stuck in his hat band and several others around his feet.  He looked at Louie with utter disdain.

Freeze,” the big Irishman ordered.  Now, hug the wall.

“But I was . . . ” Louie started to explain.

But it was to no avail.  McGuirk cocked his Tommy gun and said, “Eat lead!”

What a bittersweet end for the Nanny, just when he was starting to enjoy his work.



Wordle #148

Omphaloskepsis (navel-gazing is contemplation of one’s navel as an aid to meditation)
Paper Airplane



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