The Site(ting)


Tom Blachford

“It was a stroke of genius to put the old observation dome from the World’s Fair on the hilltop near Devil’s Tower,” the chief executive said.  “Shame it’s such a climb to get to it.”

“Yes Sir, your idea is brilliant,” his sycophantic assistant agreed.

“What do you thing of it, Tracy?” the CEO asked his secretary, who was just then taking her high heeled “work shoes” from her bag in preparation of removing her hiking boots which clashed terribly with her dress.

“It is amazing, Mr. Carmichael,” she said with feigned enthusiasm.

The three then climbed the stairs into the structure to have a look around.

“What a view!” the CEO said pleased with his efforts.  It was in his opinion a validation of his keen business sense that he could buy a disused 1950s fair attraction for a pittance, and then set it up to cash in on the Close Encounters connection.  After all look how mad everyone was going over the whole Area 51 thing.

“The workmen have done a terrific job, Sir,” the aide said.  “For a sixty year old building it doesn’t seem to have any wear, and these furnishing are really comfortable.  Sir, you really have thought of everything.  It’s more that a viewing platform, look there is even a mini kitchen.”

“Kitchen?” the executive queried.

“Yes, look right over there,” the aide said pointing.

“Tracy, is that on the plans?” he asked.

The secretary pulled a folder from her satchel and began to flip through it.  “No Sir,” she said hesitantly.  “In fact, all this furniture was only supposed to be benches.”

“How much did this cost then?” he challenged.

She scrunched her face as she looked at the next page. “Sir,” she said uneasily. “It – it was also supposed to be red, and on that hill over there,” she said pointing through a porthole at a red disk among the trees on a nearby hill.

Just then the door shut, and the structure began to vibrate as a whirring sound filled their ears.


Photo Challenge #279

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