Outstanding in His Field


Sebastian Strawman was an academic at the forefront of his discipline.  There were few in Agricultural Studies more adept than Professor “S.”  As he prepared for his eventual retirement, he phased out many of his classes and devoted his time to pure research.  Much of this found him on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at various farms throughout East Anglia.  On his arrival he would remove his tweed jacket and tie and don the awaiting garments which he strategically placed on fences and gates around “his patch.”  Once properly attired, he would climb onto the prepared posts to ward off crows and wood pigeons.  Yes, Strawman was a first class scarecrow.  In fact, you might say he was outstanding in his field.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #43

*One of my rare fourth posts for a day, but Crispina’s excellent prompt was too inspiring to wait on.

4 thoughts on “Outstanding in His Field

  1. That’s got me chuckling over my coffee.
    The photo is a case of serendipity. My daughter and I had been soaked in a downpour. Once the rain stopped, we took off our waterproofs and tied them to the gate for the wind to dry. Which it did very quickly. And I looked at the jackets on that gate and I thought… CCC prompt. It is unusual for me to take a photo purposely for the prompt.

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