The Museum

Factory, Warehouse, Box, Warehouse

Image by 淑媛 孙 from Pixabay

“Is there anything to do in this town?” Tammy, the big city girl, asked her cousin.

“Well, there is the museum.  I always discover something interesting there,” Alex said.

“I’ve seen museums before, there are lots of them in the capital. One with dinosaurs, and others with history stuff, and three different art ones – classical, portrait, and modern,” Tammy retorted.

“I am sure that none of them is quite like this one,” the country cousin replied.

The pair made their way down Main Street and crossed the railroad tracks.  There along railway was a large corrugated steel structure with a sign reading “Museum” on it.

They paid their $2 admission free and entered.

“What is this place?  It looks like a warehouse,” Tammy asked.

“Well, I find it fascinating,” Alex replied.

“But its row on row of boxes.”

“It is the Cardboard Museum, after all,” Alex countered.



Weekend Writing Prompt #122 – Museum



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