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Hollywood made it look easy.  How hard is it to serve you country?  Okay, they shave your head and you have a few weeks of some sadist shouting at you, but then you graduate, and go out and do the job.  Well that’s what some people think anyway.

What the films don’t show you is the near sleepless nights as you take watch so others can sleep peacefully.  They don’t show you the shivering as you sit soaked to the skin in the face of a steady wind.  You don’t feel the sand between your teeth. That’s true grit.


99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community: True Grit

“In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that shows true grit. You can use the phrase or embody the theme. Who or what has true grit? Go where the prompt leads you!”




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