The Hope-Giver



Lord, or was it King, Leonas led the remnant of his people down the wilderness road in search of refuge.  It was a giant responsibility for a twenty-three year old.  Yet, leadership was thrust upon him.  The attack had been sudden and unprovoked, but King Hilyan, his uncle had responded quickly and though doomed, he had bought time for the young Lord Leonas to lead away the women, children, and the elderly.

He had and his thirty men-at-arms had formed a blind on a hilltop to allow the column of refugees to gain the long East Road out of the kingdom.  It was from that vantage-point that Leonas had seen his uncle, his older brother, and his cousin Prince Phinis fall.  Now it was up to him; the people’s fates were in his hands.

“Lord Leonas,” an aged widow called. “How long until we find sanctuary?”

Speaking with a regal reserve, the youth responded, “Soon, brave lady, soon.”

She smiled, and took her grandchildren by the hands with a renewed strength.

In his heart he couldn’t be sure he could keep such a promise, but it was his duty to provide hope, and perhaps someday to bring his people home.

(200 Words)


FOWC with Fandango — Reserve

50 Word Thursday #36

Your Daily Word Prompt – Giant

Your Daily Word Prompt – Remnant

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