APawColypse Now


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“A mission, any mission, and for my sins they gave me one,” Captain Houndard reflected.  It wasn’t his first tour in that war-torn land, but when it was over he would never want to return.

The old warhound, Colonel Kurtz-rover had gone mad up river, and everyone knows a mad dog needs to be put down.  Houndard’s mission was to take a Navy patrol boat to the last known position of the rabid officer and to eliminate the threat.

It had been a costly journey almost all of his accompanying pack had been killed, but now Houndard was making his way through dark waters to complete his task.

Kurtz-rover awaited his fate.  He did not seek clemency, nor fight the inevitable, he merely repeated an apt summary of the whole affair:

“The horror, the horror.”


Photo Challenge #281

FOWC with Fandango — Clemency

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