The Mauler

Person, Young, Teen, Sad, Alone, Bullied

image: Pixabay

Christopher Miller, or “The Mauler” as he liked to style himself had had a productive day.  He had relieved three different Year Sevens of their lunch money,  locked Billy Taylor into a stationery cupboard, and intimidated Tommy Wilson so well that he wet himself so that he was laughed at by the entire class.

The extra half an hour Christopher had to remain behind after school was well worth it.  After all, The Mauler was becoming a legend.   He was five foot – eleven and only in Year Nine, a little on the heavy side, but with an attitude that meant no one would ever mention it.  Who would be so stupid as to dare?  The Mauler was a force to be reckoned with.

The other reason to have appreciated the after school detention was now overshadowing him.  Christopher slowed his pace, as he approached the un-kept front garden of his council house – home.

He opened the front door as silently as he could, and tried to make a quick escape to his room.

“Where have you been, you little s**t,” a gruff drunken voice barked from the lounge.

“School, Da,” he replied.

“That was over an hour ago, what you been up to?”

“Nothin’ Da,” he said pleadingly.

“Did you remember my fags?” his father boomed.

“No Da, I put them in the kitchen.”

“Bring ’em here,” his father ordered.

Christopher braced himself and carried the pack of Marlboroughs to his father.  The man snatched them from his hand, and then laid a heavy slap upon his head with the other hand.  “Don’t be late again!” the giant of a man roared.

“No Da, I won’t,” Christopher said quietly.

Christopher was not the only Mauler in the Miller clan.



*All characters named in this post or fictional, though the conditions and actions cited are all too real in society in general.  Bullying generating bullying, abuse manifesting in violence.  We need to be aware.


Sunday Writing Prompt “Character Archetypes”


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