The Book of the Labyrinth


“Are you sure you are up to this?” Aerial asked.

“Yes, I must know the secret,” Baylun responded.

“You do understand that it is perilous, and once begun you must continue until you find your answer, or until you fall into madness.”

“Yes, I know.  My master has warned me,” the young mage responded.

The middle-aged priestess led the scholar into a brightly lit room and to a crystal table on which rested the mystical tome.  Its cover proclaiming its contents with intricate labyrinthine designs.

The young mage sat at the table, and waited.

“When I leave the room, you can open the book.  Be sure to start on the first page.   Upon reading it, you must decipher the clues within the text in order to know the next page to turn to.  You must not in any circumstance read pages you are leafing past, but go directly to the indicated page.  If you lose your way, or miss a clue, you may go back to the previous page, but never more than three openings in a row.  Be sure to always finish a page unless it instructs you to change pages in the text.  If it does so, do not, and I stress this, do not finish reading the page no matter what secrets it seems to suggest you might find. The text itself is a labyrinth, and you may well in your deliberation find evidence of others still lost within it.  You must always ignore them and their entreaties as they will pull you into their oblivion as well.  Do you understand all I have said,” Aerial  asked.

“Yes I understand,” he said putting down the quill with which he had taken notes.

“May you find what you seek then,” the priestess said sadly and departed.

(298 Words)


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #33



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