First Date

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Cardiff Station – walesonline


Full of apprehension

Butterflies in the tum

Full of hope and expectation

Of what might now come


Our meeting very public

Clear for all to see

For the sake of each our children

We met so publicly


On a platform in Cardiff

We we sat to chat and stare

Into each others eyes

As if all others were not there


And so on our first meeting

Online chats now eclipsed

My train soon departing

I first felt the wonder of your lips




As I have posted already, Dianne and I met online in a parenting chat room.  The relationship blossomed, and we felt there was truly chemistry in the making.  We therefore arranged our first face to face meeting.   As her children were still reeling from her divorce, it seemed best that we meet on neutral ground on which they wouldn’t be threatened by my presence.  We decided that I would take the train to Cardiff and we would meet at the train station and chat, and maybe wander into town for a drink.   In the end we spent hours just sitting there chatting, holding hands and coming to know each other better.  Maybe not the making of a classic RomCom, but it was the beginnings of a fulfilled life together.




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