Accelerator One

Sun, Fireball, Solar Flare, Sunlight

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay 

Missions Specialist Patel and the Operation Commander Wong were going through the final checks.  They had left Europa Station an hour and seventeen minutes before (Earth Equivalent Time) on what would possibly be the “beginning of the end” of humanity’s sub-light speed space travel.   Their mission was to take Accelerator One past the sun, and then slingshot around it before engaging the super-light speed engines.  Twenty years of design and construction had led to this moment.

“All is in order,” Patel said confidently.

“Copy that,” replied Wong, her voice catching in anticipation. “And just in time, here comes the sun.”

Within seconds the vessel shuttered with the star’s gravitational pull, and Accelerator One began its maneuver.  Then with a flash history was made.





Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Here Comes the Sun



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