The Rock


imageedit_1_6776351258 (1).jpg

The Rock of Gibraltar –

Its lonely vigil keeps

Beneath its gaze the waters

Of the Mediterranean

Two continents divide


Majestic focus – like that of an altar

Untroubled by the the apes’ leaps

Nor the passing-by of ships and yachters

Nor the music of Saint Michael- subterranean –

The mountain takes all these in stride


These image of its white sides do not alter –

Whether at noon or when Gibraltar sleeps

The birth and growth of sons and daughters

Or with the visits of those alien-

The Rock remains – unchanged by wind and tide


The Tuesday Writing Prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe is to produce a piece of poetry or prose that includes the phrase “beneath the waters.”  While not strictly used in its submerged sense, I still have drawn upon the words to reflect on the famous “Rock of Gibraltar,”  which I saw on one of the most memorable holidays with my wife.  It also gives me an opportunity to make a “Travel Tuesday” posting.





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