Stream of Consciousness

Harry wandered along the country path not really giving much thought to his surroundings.  As the seldom used track left the woodland, it twisted to run alongside a shallow, slow moving brook.  This change did not interrupt the replay in his mind of the night before’s events.

How could things have gone so wrong with Elizabeth?  He was comfortable with their relationship, and he thought she felt the same.

But no, she waited for his arrival at her flat with great expectation.  He was surprised to find her wearing one of her nicest outfits, and made up to the nines.

“So what’s the plan?” she asked smiling.

“Plan?” he responded.  “It’s a Friday, so I guess pizza and Netflix like usual.”

“For our anniversary?” she snapped.  “I bet you forgot.”

The path like his relationship suddenly dead-ended.  He then noticed the stream.  It to, like him was shallow.

(148 words)


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #48


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